Travel Out of Your Comfort Zone


(Activity Book)

50 Fun Ways to Travel Out of Your After Abroad Comfort Zone is an activity book that gives you more than 250+ ideas for fun ways you can keep pushing yourself after study abroad. 

Not sure what to do now that you're back from study abroad?

This activity book is a great place to start. It offers suggestions for little changes you can make to integrate your study abroad savvy into your "back at home" life.

Each of our activities will help you stretch things like your...

  • open mindedness
  • creativity and creative problem solving skills
  • perspective taking skills
  • flexibility and adaptability to new things
  • divergent thinking skills
  • empathy
  • and much more

You'll also get suggestions for activities that stretch the way you think about certain aspects of culture like health, religion, entertainment, nutrition, fitness, language, superstitions, among other things. 

Get this activity book if, you want...

  • fun ideas to help beat you after abroad boredom 

  • clever tips on how to expand the way you think about culture beyond just the simple surface stuff 

  • activities that don't require a passport, but still let you explore culture from the comfort of your home, city, or college campus.

  • a low-key boost in some of the skills listed above.

There's no reason you can't have fun and keep stretching your study abroad skills, now that you're home.

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Here's what's inside:

From Study Abroad Experiences to Irresistible Skills is a step-by-step skills inventory for anyone who's ever studied, worked, lived, interned, or volunteered abroad. We've got unique exercises to walk you through exactly what you learned and help you translate your experience into concrete skills. Grab the workbook today.

keep learning even after you return 

Try out one new, fun activity every week after you get back and stretch your study abroad skills.

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How to use the book  

Our activity book is pretty simple to use, but it comes with a few cool features you might want to know about. 

  • there are 50 themes for you to try out
  • each activity services a purpose, like helping to expand your perspective or build your empathy or even teaching you about a specific aspect of culture
  • we've come up with 250+ ideas for specific activities that'll help you accomplish your goal
  • if you want to reflect, there's a space for you to write about what you learned from each of the activities

So it's a really easy (and entertaining) way to keep pushing yourself to learn beyond what you picked up abroad.

The themes + Suggestions  

If you want to learn more about the types of themes we cover check out our article on staying open minded. There's an infographic that lists all 50 themes.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in, have fun, and get ready to explore!