Our [Current] Work

Our focus this summer is creating resources to help students identify and articulate their study abroad skills--starting with a self-paced online course that your students can take whenever they return from study abroad. 

Use it as a pre-requisite to your resume workshops or as a bonus course to add value to your international program. 

BETA: Skills Inventory Course

We decided to take the exercises from our skills inventory workbook and turn them into a full fledged 2-week course.


The Syllabus

Module 1: Critical Reflection. Guided exercises to help students reflect on their experiences abroad.

Module 2: Study Abroad Skills. What are study abroad skills? Why do they matter? How can you continue to build them after you come back?

Module 3: Skills Inventory. Exercises to help them translate their experiences into skills and prompts to help them look forward and ask, "What will I do with my skills in the future?"

Module 4: Organize + Get Support. Strategies for organizing skills into a master resume or activity portfolio. Tips on how to use that document to write resumes, pick examples for interviews, or as a starting point for student advising conversations (with career and academic advisors).

want to offer our course to your students?

If you're interested in offering this course for students in your school or organization, here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Buy Seats. Your school can buy a specified number of "seats" to the course.
  • Step 2: Receive Student Codes. We'll mail you a unique code for each seat.
  • Step 3: Distribute the Codes. It's up to you how to distribute codes to students. We recommend emailing them individually to students who show interest in the course.
  • Step 4: Students Learn. The course is asynchronous, so students can start it as soon as they receive their code / return from abroad--even if school is not in session.
  • Step 5: Optional Check In. We'll be checking in on your students along the way. But we'll also give you materials that you can use to follow up with students -- and so you can use their data in your marketing about the benefits of your study abroad program. 

Want more information?

If you'd like to talk more in depth about the course or if you'd like a free seat (as an educator) to see the course in action when it launches, contact us at


Also, if you're in the Chicagoland area and you'd like to host a live version of the course, we'd be more than happy to present an abbreviated version or workshop to fit your needs.

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