Skills Inventory



From Study Abroad Experiences to Irresistible Skills is an interactive workbook full of unique exercises and activities. You can finish it in a weekend. And once you're done, you should be able to articulate all the skills you picked up while abroad.

Can you explain what you learned during study abroad?

Maybe your family spent a lot of money getting you abroad and they'd like you to explain how their financial investment is paying off.

Maybe you’re ready to apply for jobs or internships.

Or maybe you just want to know what you learned so you can plan your classes, hobbies, and future career!

Our epic skills inventory will walk you through your entire experience, so you don't miss a thing.

Get this workbook if, you want to...

  • write a resume that highlights your cultural smarts;

  • decide whether to add a new minor (or if you should change your major)... because of study abroad

  • incorporate “culture” into your schoolwork (research projects, picking classes / activities etc.)

  • choose a career path that lets you use your (super rare) cross cultural skills

  • pick up on (hard to see) patterns in the things you were drawn to while you lived abroad

If you're ready to do the work, this workbook can take you from 'study abroad' to 'skilled' in a weekend.

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Here's What's inside:

From Study Abroad Experiences to Irresistible Skills is a step-by-step skills inventory for anyone who's ever studied, worked, lived, interned, or volunteered abroad. We've got unique exercises to walk you through exactly what you learned and help you translate your experience into concrete skills. Grab the workbook today.

Study abroad is a valuable experience.

Take just one weekend, do these exercises, and find out how valuable it was for you (and your future).

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SECTION 1: Start with your experience... 

We'll take you step-by-step through every single study abroad activity. Our exercises help you reflect on the key parts of your experiences and they get to the heart of exactly what you learned from each and every one.

SECTION 2: From experiences to skills... 

Now that you've recounted what you did, we'll walk you through how to categorize your experiences in the top 3 skills types. Your career services office probably refers to them as "hard skills" and "soft skills." We add country-specific knowledge for the skills that are unique to study abroad (that your other classmates wouldn't necessarily have).

SECTION 3: Keep your skills organized... 

Finally, now that you know all of your skills, it's time to pull them out whenever you need to. We give you the outline for a master resume that you can use for years to come whenever you need to talk about your (cross-cultural) skills.