Who Are We?

Culture Deep, Inc. is a digital education startup. We create resources to help students translate their study abroad experiences into life long skills. 

As international educators, we're all familiar with the data on the benefits of study abroad. But our experience led us to some really important gaps.

Over the past few years, we've spoke to dozens of students. While most of them *felt* that study abroad was beneficial, many couldn't clearly articulate what the benefits were beyond general platitudes. And when they could explain the benefits, may varied on how well they could *transfer* / frame their skills into a United States (or any other) context.

That's why we started Culture Deep, Inc. We want to help students fill the gap between the experiential learning from abroad... and the ability to understand, articulate, and apply that education to all aspects of their life once study abroad is done.

Who is our Founder?

Founder of Culture Deep, Inc., a digital education startup dedicated to teaching students how to translate their study abroad experiences into life long skills. 

Culture Deep, Inc. was founded by Elena Taryor, a former attorney who lives in Chicago, Illinois. Our founder is passionate about education and building non-traditional resources for young people. 

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